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Southern Peninsula of Cape Town: Gaming Event (City Lan)

Terms & Conditions

  • Entry is at own risk.
  • We do not provide Refunds.
  • There will be music playing, so please leave your loud speakers at home.
  • There will be a no smoking policy of any devices in the lan area (Smoking area available).
  • Anyone under the age of 16 will need to be dropped off by a parent / guardian (Note for Parents / Guardians - by your child attending this event (paying and coming) you accept all responsibility for their welfare)
  • No Alcohol or Drugs are allowed into the lan area. You are welcome to go to the any restaurant at the mall.
  • Bad Behavior can have you expelled from the event.
  • A designated Sleeping area will be available
  • Right of Admission reserved (We reserve the right to remove anyone from the event for any reason we deem to have broken the rules).

(Check Event Poster for times, varies from event to event).

Costs R150 p/p or R100 p/p in groups. Booking is essential as there is limited space. Rather book than miss the event.

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